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What is Movement in a Box?

A quarterly subscription box that combines fundamental movement skills with learning activities for children aged 3-6 years. Similar to reading and writing, the ABC's of movement must be taught through a combination of practice, exploration, and free play. Our goal is to help inspire lifelong movers by providing family-fun activities and by educating parents, teachers, and caregivers about the value of movement-based learning.

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Our Story

I can't believe how long this held his attention. Normally he plays with something for 30 seconds and then throws it everywhere. It's fun because you start doing one of the activities and then you can spin it into so many different things. And you don't have a million toys laying around.

Brianne B. (2x Olympian | Mom | Pittsburgh, PA)

Thinking about how movements are the building blocks to so many other skills really highlighted the importance of practicing those skills with your kids!

Katherine R. (Mother of 2 | Boston, MA)

My kids LOVED it. It was fun that they wanted to keep doing each activity and that it was their idea instead of mine.

Mike S. (PE Teacher | Dad of 2 | Fullerton, CA)