Inspiring Children to Become Lifelong Movers

Designed by Olympians, educators, and moms who are passionate about helping kids stay active! Just like reading and writing, learning the ABC's of movement set children up for a lifetime of success. Let's get moving together!

Our Story

How It Works

We know that active kids learn better. That's why Movement In A Box combines fundamental movement skills, like jumping, galloping, throwing, and catching with early learning concepts such as shapes, colors, letters, and numbers!

Our expertly designed activity boxes provide everything children need to move, play, and learn!



Physical activity boosts children's self-esteem, cognitive development, and academic behavior. Our activities are screen-free, research-based, and designed by physical literacy experts to keep kids moving!


Movement ideas for the whole family or simple activities that are perfect for independent play. Encouraging children to explore each item and to use their imaginations to create new games is half the fun!


When movement is combined with language, learning increases 90%! Each box includes a Movement Guide with 12+ activities, Did You Know facts, movement tips, curated equipment, and digital resources.

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