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Movement In A Box

Ready, Set, Swing!

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Welcome to Ready, Set, Swing! 

Our newest box is the perfect introduction to racket sports. Children will explore grasping, swinging, balance, and hand-eye coordination, all while having fun and using their imaginations!  All activities are research-based, screen-free, and kid approved!

Included in this box:

  • (2) Soft Foam Rackets  
  • (6) Soft Snowballs
  • (6) Colorful Disc Cones
  • (1) Bash Birdie
  • Bag for storage 
  • Movement Guide with 12 activities, movement tips, and Did You Know facts 
  • Quick start guide: tips on how to use each item in the box
  • Access to our digital community, including instructional videos, resources, and new activity ideas each month

Want to give the gift of movement? Enter your recipient's name and shipping information at checkout. You can also add a personalized note on the next page. 

Fundamental Movement Skills Introduced: running, walking, sliding, marching, jumping, bending, stretching, turning, lifting, balance, reaching, striking, catching, throwing, tossing

Learning Concepts Introduced: counting, spatial awareness, body awareness, body control, turn taking, matching, listening skills, reaction time, parts of the body

Activities are designed for children aged 3-6. Adult supervision required. 


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What age is Movement in a Box (MIAB) for?

Gross motor development is not age-dependent, so each child will develop skills at their own pace. Our activities are designed for children ages 3-6 and provide fun for the whole family. While we don’t have boxes for 6+ yet, older siblings are welcome to play along!


Can I give Movement in a Box as a gift?

Yes, there is nothing better than the gift of movement!  Just purchase a box and put the recipient's name and address for the shipping details.  You can even add a personalized gift message when you view your cart.


What kind of activities come in each box?

Every box combines purposeful movement with learning. Boxes will include items such as a custom shape mat, color bean bags, scarves, numbered floor dots, foam rackets, and MORE!  Each game encourages children to practice Fundamental Movement Skills while learning their shapes, colors, letters, numbers, etc. Activities can be modified to match your child’s unique development. Because of this, each item will grow with your child instead of becoming a ‘one and done’ activity that sits in a corner of your house.  


How is MIAB different than other children’s games?

There are a lot of great choices available when it comes to your child’s fine motor development. However, the purposeful combination of gross motor development and learning is unique to MIAB. The body and mind are intimately connected, which means that children learn best when we engage all of their senses and allow for movement, exploration, and imagination!  


How many children does one box work for? What if I have multiple children?

The activities in each box can be played with one child or many. While MIAB is a great way to practice turn taking, we will also provide tips and tricks to address siblings or friends playing together at the same time. One box will provide enough fun for each family.


Can I cancel my subscription or update my personal information?
Yes, simply log into your account to update your information or cancel your subscription at any time. Click "log-in" or "create account" from the drop down menu in the top left corner. Choose "subscriptions" and then click on your subscription number to edit and/or update your information. 
Your credit card will be charged every 3 months on the date you first subscribed, so you must cancel at least 48hrs before the charge is made. Because items are used by children, we do not offer returns. If you have any issues with your box, please send us a message.


I am a Preschool / Pre-K / TK / Child Care teacher, can I purchase Movement in a Box? 

Yes! Depending on your classroom size and specific needs, you can either subscribe to our quarterly box or purchase a Year of Movement for your classroom. The classroom kits are designed for up to 25 students, includes an hour of training for teachers, and all activities align with Preschool Learning Foundations and SEL Standards.  


Can I purchase MIAB if I live outside of the United States?

At this time, we are only shipping boxes within the United States. We hope to expand our reach soon!


What does the science say?

As you’ll see through our blog and each activity’s Did You Know facts, research overwhelmingly supports the importance of movement for developing young children’s brains. Play is the most important part of childhood and we are here to support each child’s unique journey. Our goal is to help educate parents, teachers, and caregivers about the value of movement-based learning and empower them to easily implement it in any setting. 


What are Fundamental Movement Skills? 

They are the ABC’s of movement! Just like reading and writing, these skills must be taught and then further developed through practice, free play, exploration, and encouragement. There are three types of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).

Locomotor: moving from one location to another – crawling, jumping, hopping, etc.

Stability: the ability to gain or maintain balance – bending, stretching, twisting, etc.

Manipulative: skills needed to control balls or objects – throwing, catching, kicking, etc.

Children ages 2-7 are in the Fundamental Movement Phase of motor development and these skills serve as the building blocks for more complex and specialized movements in sports, play, and daily life. MIAB introduces and encourages children to explore different FMS in each box through our fun and engaging activities.


What is Physical Literacy?

Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, and knowledge and understanding to value and take part in physical activity throughout your lifetime (IPLA, 2014). We know that while literacy opens up doors to reading and communication, physical literacy opens up doors to movement and helps every child have the greatest CHOICE when it comes to physical activity!


Have a question that we haven’t answered yet?

Please email us directly at or call us at 774-421-9138.



“Movement in a box just provided over 1 hour of fun for us! The activity instructions were age-appropriate, helped our little one practice new skills, and gave us lots to laugh about!” -Emily H. (Mom | Memphis, TN)

“I have never seen our son so excited to learn!” -Bri B. (Mom | 2x Olympian | Pittsburgh, PA)

“The products are simple and backed with intention. We see her create her own learning with the products. The simplicity actually creates versatility!” -Andrew B. (Dad | Boston, MA)