Why Movement In A Box?

Two children playing with their Ready, Set, Swing box

Movement-based learning activities designed for children ages 3-6 delivered right to your doorstep.


1. Playtime made easy! 
It's simple, open the box and start playing... no instructions or rules needed. Play for 3 minutes or for 3 hours. Each activity uniquely combines basic movement skills (jump, hop, skip, throw, catch) with age-appropriate learning concepts (shapes, colors, letters, numbers). 

2. Backed by science!
All movement items and activities are based on the science of motor development. Our team spends hours researching, curating, and testing products so you can be confident that your little ones are moving, playing, and learning in all the right ways. Plus, when movement is combined with language, learning increases 90%! (Michigan State University)

3. Designed by Olympians, educators, and moms!

Our team brings 30+ years of experience playing and coaching at the NCAA , professional, and Olympic level. Co-founded by Sarah Cahill (MEd, physical movement educator, mom of 2) and Molly Schaus (2x Olympic Silver medalist) who want to inspire kids to become lifelong movers.

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What our customers are saying:

“Movement in a box just provided over 1 hour of fun for us! The activity instructions were age-appropriate, helped our little one practice new skills, and gave us lots to laugh about!” -Emily H. (Mom | Memphis, TN)
“I have never seen our son so excited to learn!” -Bri B. (Mom | 2x Olympian | Pittsburgh, PA)

“The products are simple and backed with intention. We see her create her own learning with the products. The simplicity actually creates versatility!” -Andrew B. (Dad | Boston, MA)

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