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Welcome to Shape Exploration! 
Playtime made easy! We are so excited to move, play, and learn with you. Each activity below combines purposeful movement with learning and has been toddler tested and approved. Reminder, Fundamental Movement Skills (also known as the ABC's of Movement) are not age-dependent. Instead, children learn them at their own pace through continued practice, exploration, encouragement. Get ready, those magical "I Did It!" moments happen when you least expect them. And don't forget, the most fun happens with you move WITH your child! 
Instructional Videos
Learn how to set up and play each activity, as well tips and tricks to get the most out of your movement and learning experience!

 Game 1: The Shape Game 

It's all about exploration! 

Game 2: The Shape Roll

Build a die and get rolling! 

Game 3: Shape Obstacle Course

Hop, skip, and jump your way to the finish line! 

Game 4: Musical Shapes

Impromptu dance parties are allowed! 


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Shape Exploration

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