Our Story

Our friendship started in 2012 when Sarah was a strength and conditioning coach, and Molly a goaltender, on the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey team.  We spent countless hours in between training sessions talking about how we hoped to make a difference in the world someday. We'd discuss our favorite books and non-profits, always challenging each other to think bigger.  Sarah’s research into motor development in young children and the state of physical education in the US led to more questions than answers. Why don’t we value teaching children the ABC’s of movement as much as we do the ABC’s of reading and writing? How can we get movement-based learning experiences into the hands of parents and caregivers?  And so we are teaming up again to share Movement in a Box with you and your family!

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Why Movement in a Box? To help inspire children to be active for life!

Meet the Movement in a Box Team

Sarah Cahill (MEd, CSCS)

Sarah is on a mission to help all people become movers for life. A true visionary leader, Sarah brings a diverse background both as a NCAA Division 1 athlete and as a professional educator in physical literacy, purposeful movement, physiology, and strength and conditioning and is now applying her expertise to support children through “Movement in a Box.” Her extensive experience across clients such as the USA Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team, NBA, NHL, and NCAA athletes, the corporate wellness sector, and at the private individual level guides the development of her company’s vision and holistic approach to child development. Sarah is driven to ensure equal access to sport, play, and physical activity programs for all, which is largely inspired by her work with several sports-based youth development organizations throughout the country and her work at Inner City Weightlifting, an organization fighting against systemic racism. Sarah believes that positive early movement experiences involving families will help lay the foundation for children to become physically active for life.

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Childhood Words of Inspiration

Molly Schaus (OLY)

Molly believes that physical activity, at all ages, has a unique way of bringing people together. She is passionate about providing all children access to safe and fun movement in efforts to combat the growing physical and mental health concerns affecting youth today.  Molly is a two-time Olympic Silver medalist (2010 | 2014) with the US Women’s National Ice Hockey Team and a member of the Boston College Varsity Club Hall of Fame. In addition to her career on the ice, Molly has 7+ years of experience helping grow community-based organizations in Massachusetts and Southern California. She does her best to live by Sarah's motto, "Make the world your gym."

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The Gift of Movement