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Movement Outside The Box

  • Movement in the News: Elementary School Recess Guidelines

    Did you know?  Each state sets their own requirements for PE and recess. Therefore, most students aren't getting as many opportunities to move and ...
  • Why Movement in a Box? To help inspire children to be active for life!

    It all started on a bus ride in North Dakota in 2013. Molly and I were at a stop on the pre-Olympic tour, she was a goaltender on the US Women’s Na...
  • How Movement Impacts a Child's Brain Activity

    Do you ever wonder why... your child bounces while counting, spins while spelling, or jumps while remembering song lyrics or words in a book? It ha...
  • Fundamental Movement of the Month: Jumping

    Most children begin to explore jumping around age 2. However, like all fundamental movement skills, learning how to jump is age related, not age dependent.
  • Childhood Words of Inspiration

    A personal reflection on how a few words of encouragement from a youth baseball coach turned into a life-long passion for movement for Movement in a Box co-founder.
  • The Gift of Movement

    A personal reflection on how being physically active as a child opened doors and built inner-confidence for Movement in a Box co-founder.