2021: Year in Review

2021: Year in Review

As we take time to reflect on this past year, we are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for joining us on this adventure. From officially becoming an LLC in January, to shipping our first boxes in May, to reaching our first classrooms in September, we have a lot of favorite moments from this past year. Throughout the ups and downs of start-up life, we love nothing more than seeing our #movers in action! Wishing you and your family a healthy and movement-filled year ahead. 

We look forward to moving, playing, and learning with you in 2022!
-Sarah & Molly

Our Impact

Here are a few highlights from this past year, we can't wait expand our reach in 2022! 

  • Launched our first 3 boxes in 33 states
  • Impacted over 250 kids through classroom kits
  • Trained dozens of educators on movement-based learning techniques
  • Reached 1,000+ Instagram followers
Map of United States with 33 states filled in to show the impact of Movement In A Box in 2021

Top 5 Posts of 2021

Here's a chance to revisit some of our favorite resources!

#1 What are gross motor skills?
#2 Why Music and Movement make a great combination
#3 Movement Milestones (aka "I Did It! moments)
#4 Does a child's left brain or right brain develop first?
#5 Why Movement In A Box? To help inspire lifelong movers!

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