10 At Home Activity Ideas to Help Develop Gross Motor Skills

We know that the winter months can sometimes be tough for parents and kids. Here are 10 fun ideas to put all of their energy to good use! Like most activities, the real magic comes from watching a child's creativity take over, so don't be surprised if they come up with some new ideas for how to play these games! 


At Home Activity Ideas to Help Develop Gross Motor Skills

Letter Tracing
Grab a stick, their favorite stuffed animal, or simply use their arm to trace gigantic letters, shapes, or numbers onto their big, blank, imaginary canvas.

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Body Bridging
Find a counter or hallway and take turns making various bridges with your body that your little one has to crawl under, jump over, or creatively sidestep! Don’t forget to take turns!

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Pillow Simon Says
Place a pillow on the ground and encourage your child to follow various Simon Says cues. For example, “Simon says put your head on the pillow, put your hands on the pillow, sit on the pillow, or jump around the pillow.”

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Musical Chairs
In addition to running or walking around the chairs, mix in crab walks, crawling, jumps, or spins! With little ones, we keep all chairs in play each round to keep everyone involved.
Red Light Green Light
Adding in various colored lights that mean different things can be a fun extension. For example, “yellow light” means walk in slow motion, or “blue light” means spin in a circle!”
Animal Walks
Encourage your child to move like various animals! For example, “hop like a bunny”, “jump like a frog”, “stomp like an elephant”, “chomp like an alligator” or “fly like a bird.”

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Musical Memory
Press play and move along to songs like ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, or everyone’s favorite, “Baby Shark”.
Couch Drumming
Play your favorite song and encourage your little one to use both hands to drum to the beat on the couch, ottoman, or even a stack of pillows. Speed up and slow down the song and see if they can match the beat.
Follow the Leader!
Whether you crawl, walk, run, skip, jump, or dance, encourage your little ones to follow the leader around the house or yard. Add obstacles for a harder challenge!
Sock Toss
Ball up your (clean!) socks into pairs and use a hamper or empty box as a target. For older children, you can have multiple ‘targets’ to aim at or even introduce a point system.


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